All players welcome, no experience needed!

The Huntsville Rugby Club has been competing throughout the United States since it's inception in 1978. Since then, players of all ages, shapes, and abilities have represented the HRC for years. From former collegiate athletes to engineers, the Huntsville Rugby Club welcomes you to join us on the pitch. If you feel supporting on the field is beyond you, feel free to come cheer us on as we compete throughout the Southeast region on our path to a National Championship or become one of our generous sponsors and have your company represented on the pitch.

Chaney Wells

Head Coach

Coach Wells has been sharing his knowledge of rugby since his arrival back in 2011 on and off the field.

Chaney took over the position of head coach in 2019 following the retirement of Coach Benny Pope.

Payer Spotlight

Braden Stults

Position - 9, 10

Braden started with the HRC in 2010 and has been a stable competitor for the club. As a former lacrosse player, he had dynamic footwork and explosiveness that quickly got him recognized throughout the south. This contributed to his overall success on the pitch and made him a real threat with the ball in hand. Braden has since relocated to Albany, NY following this past season with the HRC. He is a great friend and teammate and will be truly missed.