Hello from the Supernovas!


All ages, fitness levels, and experience welcome!

The Supernovas are excited to welcome you to our team! We are a D3 Women's rugby team located in Huntsville, AL. We are a relatively new club, having just joined the True South conference in August of 2022. Our team experience level ranges from players who have never once touched a rugby ball to people who have been playing for almost a decade - some of our players have even been selected to play for high level teams! 

As women, we don't often get the chance to explore contact sports - or if we do it's as the singular woman on the team. If you've ever wanted to know what it feels like to absolutely demolish another human being, come on out! At the very least, you'll get a solid workout and meet some incredibly cool women. Feel free to email us at supernovas@huntsvillerugbyclub.org or reach out to us on our socials!

Meet Our Coach: Simone Smith

Simone has been coaching rugby for 8 years and playing since 2009. She was a pivotal part of the growth of the Bombshells - the women's rugby team in Columbia, SC - and is thankful to be a part of starting a team here in Huntsville. She has also been chosen as a Assistant Coach for the South Panthers for the 2022-23 season.

Player Expectations

We know that our players are adults and have lives to live outside of our club. All we ask those who join is that you make our team as much of a priority as you can. We practice Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 - 7:30 at either Rick Cooper Memorial Park or Chapman Junior High. During 15's season, any games we play are scheduled for Saturday or Sunday and you will know the date and location several months in advance of the game. Away games are at most 3 hours away; though once a season we attend a larger tournament that requires longer travel. If you can't make it to a practice, game, or tournament, we completely understand. Life happens! All we ask is that you let us know ASAP so we can plan accordingly.

Travel is a large part of the Summer 7's tournaments we play in. Any tournaments we attend are based on team interest level. 

Huntsville v. McMinn - 10.8.22

I'm interested, but I don't know anything about this sport...

I truly can't stress to you how little I knew before playing. I didn't know a single rule and had never touched a rugby ball. If you want to learn more about the sport and the rules prior to coming out, there are lot's of professional games on YouTube and Peacock. You can also watch this or this to help familiarize yourself with the terminology. Keep an eye out for any clinics we host! They're a great way to learn the basics.

I'd like to play, but I'm not very fast... / I'm not very strong...

The great thing about rugby is that there's a position on the field for every body. Forwards are generally stronger and sturdier than backs who are generally more agile and speedy. Rugby is a sport for tiny twigs and thick tree trunks!

I haven't really exercised in a while...

No better time to start than the present!